Thursday, July 14, 2011

Buffalo Turds 10/10 for cookouts!!!

I found this recipe on Reddit (thanks LakeRat) on a thread for favorite BBQ side dishes. It wasn't so much a recipe as much of "hey, here is something I like to make". Below is what I did and boy did they turn out great. After making them Ray managed to knock all the bacon ones on the ground, I made a few veggie ones for the non animal murdering people. As he was picking them up there was a little circle crowded around that was eating them as fast as he could pick them up. Because I cooked them for so long on low heat the peppers were cooked just right and just the right amount of heat was left in the peppers.


10 Jumbo Jalapenos (the bigger the better). Cut in half and deseeded and de-veined

1 block cream cheese

1 handful of mexican cheese or colby or cheddar

Couple of spoonfuls of salsa for some flavor and color

1/4 teaspoon cumin

1/4 teaspoon chili powder

package of bacon (hopefully 20 slices)

Pepper but probably don't need any salt since the bacon should add enough salt.

Garlic. I didn't add any but it might be good too


Cut the peppers in half and deseed and devein. In seperate mixing bowl add cream cheese and shredded cheese. Add salsa and spices. Adjust salsa and spices to taste and use it as an excuse to keep eating the dip with some chips. Fill the peppers flush with the top. I had enough filling to fill the 10 peppers (makes 20 total) with a few bites left over for me.

The original recipe said to wrap the peppers with the raw bacon but I was worried that the top of the bacon wouldn't cook so I placed the bacon in the oven spread out on a cookie sheet at 425°F (approx since our temp gage is broke) for 10 minutes. This cooked it enough to still be pliable.

Next wrap the bacon around the pepper. Put a tooth pick at each end of the bacon to hold in place. I used wood toothpicks since I was worried about the plastic ones melting.

By the time they hit the grill the grill was pretty low (as far as charcoal grills go). They cooked for probably 20 minutes or so. I placed on foil which might have helped disperse the heat as well. By the time they were done the filling was bubbly (which wasn't good for when they are dropped on the ground), the top of the bacon was still soft but cooked and the bottom of the bacon had a very nice crunch.

Overall these were a complete hit and might have to be a staple for cook outs. There was a ton of left over food but these didn't last long even covered with a little bit of dirt....thanks Ray.

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